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    • The love that began in Barbaros Square continues rearing up in İnönü. If we want our beloved Beşiktaş, our centenarian team, our immortal love, to exist and maintain its strength eternally; we must pull our weight for Beşiktaş, which has been entrusted to us by Süleyman Seba and Baba Hakkı amongst others, and support our Beşiktaş in every way we can. We can buy the excellent camp and training merchandises, which bear the sacred emblem of our Beşiktaş, from Kartal Yuvası and so support our beloved Beşiktaş. All products you could buy from Kartal Yuvası, primarily including the camp and training products, are good quality licensed merchandises subject to warranty, which you need/ will need. You can find the camp and training merchandises of Beşiktaş for men and kids at Kartal Yuvası.