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I hereby grant my consent with my explicit and free will under the provisions of Article 5/1 of the Code No. 6698 to any operation, which is performed by Besiktas Sportif Urunler San. ve Tic. A.s. on personal data such as collection, recording, storage, preservation, alteration, adaptation, disclosure, transfer, retrieval, making available for collection, categorization or blocking its use by wholly or partly automatic means or otherwise than by automatic means which form part of a filing system.


Kartal Yuvası (Eagle's Nest) requests certain personal data (name, age, gender, fields of interest, email etc.) from its customers in order to offer better services thereto. Such data, which are collected on the servers of Kartal Yuvası (Eagle's Nest) are used internally and only within the organization of Kartal Yuvası (Eagle's Nest) through the course of customer "classification" endeavors for the purpose of periodical campaign activities, the design and development of custom promotion activities for specific customer profiles and the prevention of the communication of unwanted emails. Kartal Yuvası (Eagle's Nest) does strictly not share the data, which it collects through the membership forms, with any third party, and does strictly not use the same for any commercial purposes except for the purposes of its activities, and does strictly no sell the same.

In addition to the email addresses and the personal data requested through the membership forms; Kartal Yuvası (Eagle's Nest) analyzes and interprets the visitor activities and preferences, which it tracks during the use of its website at Such statistical data, which do not contain any personal data, may be disclosed to and shared with the business partners of Kartal Yuvası (Eagle's Nest) with a view to provide the customers and the visitors with a rather more special and efficient shopping experience.

The customer data may only be disclosed to the public authorities only if such disclosure is required and mandatory under the imperative legal provisions in force.

Any and all details, data and information entered by the customer to the system are accessible and may be revised only by the customer. Any other party than the customer may not access to and alter such details, data and information. You can unsubscribe from the mail list at any time simply by clicking the link, reading "Use this link to unsubscribe from the mail list", which is available at the bottom of each email sent to you by Kartal Yuvası (Eagle's Nest) or leaving the option, reading "I would like to kept updated about campaigns", unchecked in "Profile Details" field in "My Details" section when you log into your account on the website.

In the event the Customer provides any personal data about any third party; it shall be the responsibility of the Customer to inform any such third party about the processing and the use of such personal data and to obtain the explicit consent of any such third party for the use of the respective personal data thereof for the aforementioned purposes.

According to the applicable regulations; customers have the right to request information as to how their data are used, to request the incorrect data thereof, if any, to be corrected, to request deletion or destruction of data collected, to be informed as to whether or not the data are transferred to abroad, to object the processing of the data, and to claim indemnification any losses and damages sustained, if any.

Your credit card details, which are requested on the payment page, are strictly not kept on the servers of Kartal Yuvası (Eagle's Nest) or any service provider thereof in order to ensure and maintain the highest level of security for our valued customers, who shop on our website. Any such payment transactions are ensured to be conducted between the bank and your computer through the interface of Kartal Yuvası (Eagle's Nest) .

The Customer has been informed that, by signing up to this website as a member and submitting her/his details, data and information, s/he has explicitly agreed and granted her/his consent for our party to disclose and/or transfer such details, data and information to Kartal Yuvası (Eagle's Nest).

The Customer has been explicitly informed that the details, data and information thereof would be used and processed by Kartal Yuvası (Eagle's Nest) solely in relation to the respective activities thereof, and would be transferred to Kartal Yuvası (Eagle's Nest)  as well as the companies, which Kartal Yuvası (Eagle's Nest)  would identify, to be processed, and the explicit consent of the Customer for the same has been obtained.

We may, where necessary, disclose such details, data and information to the subsidiaries and affiliates of Kartal Yuvası (Eagle's Nest), third party data processors, execution centers, financial institutions or other third party service providers, who provide support and assistance to our party through the course of our business activities (such as investigations of fraud, invoice collection, membership and rewarding programs, provision of technological services, financial transaction management, logistic services, carriage, order management and the analysis of the transactions conducted on our website with a view to offer sufficient assurance to our user in respect of their purchasing transactions) and the processing of your shopping transactions. By using this website or submitting your details, data and information to our party, you explicitly agree and grant your consent for our party to disclose and process your details, data and information as described by our party. The consent granted by such access/disclosure shall be applicable also for such suppliers and providers, who may be based in abroad, in order to ensure efficiency in the rendering of the services.

Kartal Yuvası (Eagle's Nest) hereby represents that, in the event the reasons, which require the customer data to be processed, cease to exist, it will delete, destroy or anonymize such data.

The Customer (you) hereby warrant(s) that the details, data and information submitted thereby (by your party) are true and accurate, and undertake(s) to inform our party as appropriate of any change to such details, data and information. The liability for any losses or damages, which our website, the responsible official of the website or any third party could sustain on account of any inaccurate, deficient or incomplete detail, data or information submitted within the sign-up form, shall be assumed and borne by the Customer.

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"I agree my membership details, which are identified to this website, to be identified to the applications developed in the fields of social media postings, training, sports, advertisement etc. in relation to the brands of your company, and further agree to be signed up as a member with my membership details to such applications. Accordingly, I hereby grant my consent for my membership details to be used, processed and transferred for and in connection to such applications."

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