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  • Imagine that passion, which burns in our hearts as we march toward the glory and triumph in black and white! The unique designs of Kartal Yuvası reflect the free and the fighting spirit of Beşiktaş in the new season, too. Wearing the Beşiktaş jersey means proudly carrying in our chests the sacred emblem of Beşiktaş on this path, which we walk with honor and pride. As Süleyman Seba, the legendary president of Beşiktaş, said: "Football is not only about being happy for winning championship titles but is also about celebrating certain values." Beşiktaş, with the district, after which it has been named, its emblem, its jersey, its stadium, its fans, all the players, who have ever played for Beşiktaş, and the technical staff, who have ever worked for Beşiktaş, has always been an alliance of values, which we must promote and celebrate in every field, ever since it was founded. We can pull our weight as devoted fans of Beşiktaş and support it by adding our jerseys to the love in our hearts, which we feel in every cell of ours at the matches, to which we go without caring whether it is cold or hot or it is raining or muddy. The jerseys and shorts, made of polyester 100% for Beşiktaş for the new season by adidas, have been produced in three different designs, one for the away matches, one for the home matches and one as the third jersey and short. Our jerseys, which enshrine us in our hearts, are produced with the Climalite® technology. The nostalgic jerseys of Beşiktaş, which you will wear proudly and will never want to take off, as well as the goalkeeper's jerseys, the third jerseys, the shorts, the stockings, the home match merchandises, the white jerseys, the black jerseys, the gray jerseys, the jerseys with stripes and all match merchandises are available at Kartal Yuvası... In order to join those, who love Beşiktaş, to say "Beşiktaş not one day but everyday!"; you can order any licensed merchandise from Kartal Yuvası either whilst you are based in Turkey or whilst you are in abroad. You, too, can own those spectacular jerseys, shorts and stockings, which you see at the pitches, and fly in the sky like an eagle. Remember, we are Beşiktaş fans!