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  • The line of camp training sweat pants of Beşiktaş, designed and produced by adidas for the new season, awaits the devoted fans of Beşiktaş, whose hearts are filled with the love for the Black Eagle. The licensed training sweat pants, which have been produced exclusively for our fans, who take their passion for black and white wherever they go, are offered in black, white and gray at Kartal Yuvası! On the ways to the destinations of the away matches, where the fans of Beşiktaş go with the love for the emblem in their hearts, at the moments of pride, which only the fans of Beşiktaş can experience, at home, at work, at school, on the street... At every moment and everywhere, those sweat pants meet the fans, who would like to carry the emblem of Beşiktaş, the legacy of Şeref Bey, on themselves. Adidas-branded training merchandises of Beşiktaş, which offer the users health and comfort at once with their breathable and elastic fabrics, combine fashion and the spirit of Beşiktaş! The original camp training merchandises, which are made of a variety of fabrics from 100% cotton to 100% polyester and offered for the appreciation of the fans of Beşiktaş in a variety of different models, prove to be worthy of the taste of the glorious fans of Beşiktaş for being not only comfortable but also durable. You will feel the spirit of Beşiktaş in each step you take in the sweat pants and the capris, which are offered for sales with the Domestic Product label. As any fan, whose heart is filled with the love for Beşiktaş, would do; you can as well buy a pair of Beşiktaş sweat pants at any Kartal Yuvası store or conveniently place an order on, irrespectively of whether you live in Turkey or in abroad. Add to your collection a pair of sweat pants that appeal to your taste before they are sold out so that you can feel the colors of Beşiktaş, which make its fans feel indescribable legendary emotions on the path to honorable championship titles, at each step you take and each breath you draw.