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  • You, too, can find the legendary shorts to combine with your jersey at Kartal Yuvası, the very choice of the Black Eagles, who would like to feel the team spirit in their bones and whose hearts beat for Beşiktaş. The shorts, one leg of which bears the glorious emblem of the club and which feature the design with three stripes, appeal not only to hearts but also to eyes. The short models are offered in three color alternatives, being white, black and red, which is the designated color for away matches, to the hearts, who would like to proudly wear the colors and the emblem of their beloved team. Besides, the shorts have been produced, using materials that remove sweat from the body for comfort and health concerns, in addition to having being designed to have an aesthetically pleasing appealing as would be appropriate for the oldest and the most long-established club of Turkey. They ensure a rather more comfortably mobility with their straps and waist section with rubber. Through the course of this struggle campaigned arms in arms with black and white, you will be the nightmare of the opposing teams with the glorious emblem you carry on you and your stance. On this path, upon which we have embarked following the motto 'This love will outlive us!'; we must prove to be worthy of the great tradition created by countless heros of Beşiktaş such as Süleyman Seba, Metin, Ali and Feyyaz. Do not lose time to be one of those, who represent this cause, which can be represented with the perspective, thought and stance, during the away matches, on the street and wherever you want and to be one of the honorable carriers of the emblem! Check out Beşiktaş shorts, which Adidas has designed exclusively for the Black Eagles, at the Men's/Matchwear Merchandises section of Kartal Yuvası, conveniently add them to your card and become a passionate representative of the team spirit, now! Go on, do not leave your team alone!