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  • Since 1903, have we walked arms in arms, following the trail of the Black Eagle, toward many honorable championship titles. Sung most proudly we have: "Beşiktaş, not one day but everyday!" Here is Kartal Yuvası, for the fans, who continue carrying that spirit in their hearts and ready to be there for Beşiktaş each and everyday! With the jerseys of different designs produced for the new season, you can carry Beşiktaş on your heart and Turkish Flag right at the center of your chest. If your sleep is interrupted by the away matches, you can rise the spirit of Beşiktaş up to the sky with the black and white nostalgic away match jersey with stripes. If you are a fan, who has rather a goalkeeper's spirit than being eager to score goals, you can carry the Black Eagle's spirit on yourself with the goalkeeper's jersey designed for the new season. You can scream your love for Beşiktaş during the matches with the goalkeeper's jersey designed for the new season. If you are a fan, who says "This love will outlive me"; you can experience in your every cell the struggle that had been maintained for years and your love for Beşiktaş with the Exclusive Jersey for the 115th Anniversary of the foundation of Beşiktaş and save a very special room for it in your collection. You can blend your love for Beşiktaş with the black color that reflects the nobility of the Black Eagle and the detail in white on the collar, and display it on every path you walk with the special jersey you wear.
    For Beşiktaş, the champion of dedicated lives; Kartal Yuvası is there for you with all jersey options at the tribunes, where you cheer "If my heart will stop, I want it to stop here Beşiktaş!", during the away matches when you put your soul out there, cheering "Go Black Eagle", and at Vodafone Park, where your cheer "Long live Beşiktaş with your Şeref and Hakkı" echoes!
    The jerseys offered in a broad range of sizes from XS to 3XL await to be worn by the fans, who carry within the spirit of the Black Eagle. Select your jersey, add it to your cart and place your order now in order to stand up and walk toward the sun! Wear the proud soul of Beşiktaş, who has not been defeated by years and rewrites its history at every other match.