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  • Go Black Eagles! Carry your love for Beşiktaş on yourself while you work out or during your daily life with the sweatsuits, which feature the glorious colors that have been the colors of Beşiktaş since 1903 and have been designed to reflect the contemporary style with modern lines. As Süleyman Seba, the legendary president of Beşiktaş, said: "Football is not only about being happy for winning championship titles but is also about celebrating certain values." Beşiktaş, with the district, after which it has been named, its emblem, its jersey, its stadium, its fans, all the players, who have ever played for Beşiktaş, and the technical staff, who have ever worked for Beşiktaş, has always been an alliance of values, which we must promote and celebrate in every field, ever since it was founded. It is just the time to carry on ourselves the love for the glorious Beşiktaş, which we have always carried in our hearts! Be the most spectacular person on the street or in the gym with the new stylish sweatsuit sets, which combine the noble colors of the Black Eagle with elegance. For Beşiktaş, the champion of dedicated lives; Kartal Yuvası is there for you with all sweatsuit options at the tribunes, where you cheer "If my heart will stop, I want it to stop here Beşiktaş!", during the away matches when you put your soul out there, cheering "Go Black Eagle", and at Vodafone Park, where your cheer "Long live Beşiktaş with your Şeref and Hakkı" echoes! The sweatsuit models of our legendary, glorious Beşiktaş, offered in all sizes for any age group, await their owners at Kartal Yuvası. Whether you live in Turkey or in abroad, order these new merchandises and support your team on its path to triumph and glory as any glorious Beşiktaş fan, who is enchanted by the love for Beşiktaş, would do. We expect to see you at Kartal Yuvası so that you can experience the most comfortable and smart form of your love for black and white.