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    • Beşiktaş, for the love of which we have suffered for days and nights in our longing for the championship title, which we have loved forever, and which we have always supported shoulder to shoulder on bad days! We are there for our team, the legacy of Süleyman Seba, during each match of the season, for which we march to the stadiums with passion and in enthusiasm to support our beloved, one and only Beşiktaş. We commemorate Seba, who once said "The love for Beşiktaş is the most beautiful form of love," in longing and pay our tributes to his legacy. In order for us not to get cold on this honorable path led by him, and in order for the colors of Beşiktaş to cover us and warm us within; hundreds of licensed Beşiktaş merchandises await us, the true fans of Beşiktaş. The good quality jumpers, which await our fans with their unique, exclusive designs developed for our beloved Beşiktaş, are available at Kartal Yuvası. Check out the jumpers, which feature the colors of our glorious Beşiktaş, now. Carry Beşiktaş not only within your heart but also on yourself with the stylish and good quality jumpers. Carry Beşiktaş on yourself wherever you are with the jumpers, which will keep you warm. Are you, being a long-suffering fan, who has always been there to support Beşiktaş devotedly day and night, ready to be there for the Black Eagle once again? If so, add to your cart the jumpers that appeal to your taste, which feature the colors of our glorious Beşiktaş, whether you reside in Turkey or in abroad. Be there for our beloved Black Eagle, which has relied on its fans for over a century, and experience the deserved pride of being a Beşiktaş fan.