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  • The great fans of Beşiktaş, who have dedicated each and every moment of their lives to black and white, meet at Kartal Yuvası in order to carry black and white on themselves at home, on the street, at the tribune, in the office, everywhere and at all times. As expressed in the motto, "The Eagle Is the Greatest Everywhere at All Times"; you can carry the noble colors of your team with the specially designed licensed merchandises of Beşiktaş on yourself at all times and enjoy the company of Beşiktaş, which has made its mark in the history and shapes the future, at each and every moment of your life. This category offers you a broad range of merchandises for men, each with uniquely special designs, which feature black, white, red and shades of those colors. The world renowned great fans of the great Beşiktaş, the team of those, who play with honor and win honestly, will, by wearing and using these merchandises, will not only add to their elegance but also carry our honorable emblem with pride.

    You, too, can conveniently order licensed merchandises whilst you are based in Turkey or in abroad as any fan, whose heart beats with Beşiktaş wherever in the world they are, would do in order to support Beşiktaş. You can enjoy the pleasure and pride of leaving black and white traces on each and every moment of yours by buying from the Kartal Yuvası the durable and good quality original licensed garments of Beşiktaş.

    As you witness the everlasting legends of the legendary Beşiktaş; buy the merchandises, which feature the glorious colors of Beşiktaş, and proudly add to your collection the new items of the glorious legend that spreads around from Kartal Yuvası.