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  • The glorious fans of Beşiktaş, who have in their hearts the love and the passion for black and white, meet at Kartal Yuvası to experience their love and passion everywhere at each and every moment. If we want our beloved Beşiktaş, our centenarian team, our immortal love, to exist and maintain its strength eternally and become one of the top clubs in Europe; we must pull our weight for Beşiktaş, which has been entrusted to us by Süleyman Seba and Baba Hakkı amongst others, and support our Beşiktaş in every way we can. Those, who would like to carry the traces of the glorious history at the tribune or on the street, can find the brand new scarf designs developed exclusively for the new season at Kartal Yuvası. Scarves, in which black is blended with white, are the symbol of the matches attended shoulder to shoulder and of the away games, from which the fans return hearts in hearts. The world renowned great fans of the Black Eagle, who experience their passion and love for Beşiktaş in each and every cell of theirs as they expand their scarves, which bear our honorable emblem, while cheering "Beşiktaş is the greatest everywhere and at all times", will both add to their elegance and proudly carry our honorable emblem with these brand new items.