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  • The noble fans of Beşiktaş, who have in their hearts the love and the passion for the emblem, meet at Kartal Yuvası to contribute to their team on its path to becoming one of the top clubs of Europe. The merchandises designed and produced exclusively for the black eagles, who cheered "We will be there under the rain and in the mud/ We are the Eagles/ Our home is the great Beşiktaş" at stadiums in the one hundredth anniversary of the club's foundation to pay their tribute to the legacy of Süleyman Seba, are offered for the fans' appreciation in our stores.The emblem, which warms us within, will also warm our hands in the new season. Here is the emblem and here is the passion! The love for Beşiktaş is always there with you every season even when it is cold. With the gloves, which feature emblem detail and are made of 100 % acrylic, can keep your hand warm during the most challening away matches, and you can raise your fist up in enthusiasm for the Black Eagle. On the street, at the marketplace, everywhere... You can complement your set combination and add to your elegance with your licensed gloves. You can conveniently order the licensed merchandises that feature the glorious colors, for which Metin, Ali and Feyyaz played with honor and with the passion that emerged on Barbaros Square in 1903, irrespectively of whether you are based in Turkey or in abroad. You can experience the delight and the pride of supporting your team with the good quality merchandises, all of which are original and licensed. With each item you add to your Beşiktaş collection, you can support the legendary emblem. Let everybody, whose blood flows black and white, put on their jerseys and shorts, let the Black Eagle glide in the sky. Stand up, fire a torch on the path toward the championship title! Nobody but you can understand this love. With the merchandises, on which the glorious colors are combined; you can make both yourself and your loved ones happy and set sail to honorable championship titles, combining the nobility of the emblem with the courage in your heart.