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  • Beşiktaş, with its glorious history, is the team of those, who carry the spirit of the Black Eagle. We are the atrabilious lovers, the dauntless fans of Beşiktaş. We will be there for Beşiktaş always. We are, therefore, world renowned. Our motto: Beşiktaş, not one day but everyday. Our blood: Black and white. Our value: Our glorious history. We are the fans of Beşiktaş for over a century. Our heart beats, cheering for the Black Eagle. We support our team until the end, we aim for the championship title... We are aware that, as Süleyman Seba put it, football is not only about being happy for winning championship titles. The players, the technical staff, the fans, the emblem, the home pitch, the district of Beşiktaş under the shadow of the Black Eagle are our values. Our love, black and white, exceeds the boundaries of pitches, and our everlasting enthusiasm resides at Kartal Yuvası. And the online shopping website of Kartal Yuvası is closer to you with the merchandises that boost the spirit of being a fan! Numerous Beşiktaş fan bracelets that bear the legendary colors of Beşiktaş, that bear the emblem of Beşiktaş, the eagle figure, decorated with rubber, stones, leather, silver components, and bracelets that are custom designed as well as the three-piece bracelets and many other fan bracelets for Beşiktaş fans await you, the noble Beşiktaş fans, with their noble colors. You can buy fan bracelets for yourself and all your loved ones, who are Beşiktaş fans. Whether you reside in Turkey or in abroad, you can buy the bracelet model that appeals to your taste through Kartal Yuvası. Go on Black Eagles; add to your card the black and white bracelet models that appeal to your taste and wear the symbols of Beşiktaş always at home, at the office and wherever you are. Enjoy the deserved pride of celebrating the team spirit everywhere! The black and white fans with the Eagle's spirit who stand side by side on the good days and the bad days; go on, fly to Kartal Yuvası!